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About Us

The HCG Professionals was started because a growing popularity of hCG for weight loss lead many people to try the diet with non-regulated “hCG” hormone from the internet or from a clinic without proper professional medical supervision, putting their health at risk. Dr. Iris Crawford expertly guides her patients throughout the complete hCG medical weight loss program and beyond, in the safest, most effective way possible.

Our Mission is to provide personalized health care through support and guidance, while maintaining the utmost of integrity, allowing each person the opportunity to achieve, and extend over time, an optimum condition of health, energy, confidence, and well-being.

Our objective is to deliver the safest, highest quality, and most competitively priced, professional hCG weight loss program available. We are committed to bringing success to every individual in our program. We personally know what it is like to struggle with being overweight and have done the program ourselves so we know exactly what to expect.


HCG Injection Starter Program

We have a 23 day program for those wanting to lose less than 20 pounds and a 40 day program for those wanting to lose more than 20 pounds.

The HCG Injection Starter Program Includes:

• New patient consultation
• Pharmaceutical grade hCG hormone
• Medical supplies
• Starting supplements
• Program guide
• Program workbook
• Unlimited consults from a primary care physician throughout program
• Complete aftercare program
• Continued medical care with the purchase of any subsequent hCG rounds
• Refills at half price


“After losing 37lbs on hCG my mobility is much improved and overall health is better. I have been able to stop taking one blood pressure medications altogether and now have a lower dosage of the other.”
–Beverly B. Seattle, WA

“I was on over a dozen prescription meds, obesity, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol ect. My goal was to get off all medications within one year. After 3 months of hCG I was off all but two meds. After 10 months of hCG I have lost 117 pounds and down 48inches.”
–Jay Cozby, Lake Stevens, WA

“The HCG Professionals have gone out of their way to help me in so many ways, including finding support for areas they do not cover here.”
–Suzanne Beckley